Friday, January 23, 2015

Tips for the Individual Finals

For the Individual Finals, please

1. Be in school uniform.
2. Bring your school ID.

Ms Gina Guerra and I will be in the vicinity of the testing rooms as early as 7:30 am to give you admission slips.  However, if you do not see any of us, just proceed to the room. I will furnish each room a copy of the Individual Finalists so the proctor can check if you are an official participant. Just relax,  we will try to find you.

1. Part 1 is 15 items, 2 pts each.  No solution required.  Solve in the scratch paper and write only the complete answer on the blank.,

2. For parts 2 & 3 , place your solutions on the space provided. Show a step by step , clean solution.  Partial points are given.  

3. Write your Code Number and Room Number in all the pages, including your scratch papers.  Do not write your name. Do not write the name of your school.

4. Write legibly.  The corrector must understand your handwriting.

Good luck!

Individual Finalists - HS Category B

Grade 7 Category B
1.       Orfiano, Zachary Claude N.                  Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
2.       MontaƱez, Marjana Ysabella, O         Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
3.       Dion Stephan Ong                                   Ateneo de Manila Junior High School                      
4.       Ong, Stefan Marcus A.                            Saint Jude Catholic School                                           
5.       Sy, Audrey L.                                             Saint Jude Catholic School                                           
6.       Marquez, John Henry, T                        Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
7.       Roque, Karl Raymond, DC                    Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
8.      Abola, Juan Pablo U.                              PAREF- Southridge School                                          
9.       Sy, Ryan Jericho L.                                 Chiang Kai Shek College                                                                
10.   Baterisha, Dan Alden V.                        Colegio San Agustin- Makati                                        
11.    Lee Gun Woo                                             San Beda College Alabang                                            
12.    Parra, Leibniz Charisse                          St. Paul College, Pasig                                                    
13.    Erika Jo Shi                                                 Grace Christian College                                                  
14.    Sy, Kayllie                                                   Philippine Cultural College -Manila Campus        
15.    Cheng, Jhervey Edric                             Chiang Kai Shek College                                                             
16.    Rillera Jose Mari                                      San Beda College Alabang                                            
17.    Wee, Philmon                                            Xavier School                                                                     
18.   Ian Karl Garcia                                          Fountain International School                                    
19.    Matthew Ernest Quinto                         Ateneo de Manila Junior High School                      
20.   Blooming Dan Moneda                          Fountain International School                                    
21.    Chua, Steven                                              Xavier School                                                                     
22.   Catherine Marie Macalincag                Fountain International School                                    
23.   Go, Jordan James O.                               Uno High School                                                              
24.   Sio, Gilroy Aldric L.                                Uno High School                                                               

Grade 8 Category B
1.       Gelera, Christian Philip, L                    Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
2.       Chong, Jinger S.                                        Saint Jude Catholic School                                           
3.       Locsin, Jose Ignacio, A                           Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
4.       Guevara, Alyssa                                        Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
5.       Shao, Ryan                                                  Xavier School                                                                     
6.       Amalla, Bon Leif, D                                 Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
7.       Pua, Gabriel Joseph, T.                          St. Stephen's High School                                             
8.      Cruz, Jan Joshua P.                                 Pasig Catholic College                                                    
9.       Tan, Matthew Eric                                   St. Stephen's High School                                             
10.   Enrikko Sibayan                                       Ateneo de Manila Junior High School                      
11.    Melchor Jan Reynald M                         San Beda College Alabang                                            
12.    Sean Marcus So                                         Grace Christian College                                                  
13.    Mallari , Cristina Beatrice                     St. Paul College, Pasig                                                  
14.    Ting, Lance Christian                             St. Stephen's High School                                             
15.    Branzuela, Jeremy Brian L.                 Saint Jude Catholic School                                           
16.    Liu, Hans Leighton C.                            Saint Jude Catholic School                                           
17.    Magsajo, Theresa Denise                      St. Paul College, Pasig                                                   
18.   Lim. Jacob                                                  Chiang Kai Shek College                                                                
19.    Sim, Paul Elvin U.                                    Jubilee Christian Academy                                        

Grade 9  Category B
1.       Dulay, Kyle Patrick, F                             Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
2.       Shaquille Wyan Que                                Grace Christian College                                                  
3.       Ildesa, Miguel Lorenzo, L                     Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
4.       Adam Christopher Chan                        Grace Christian College                                                  
5.       Villaluz, Raphael, C                                 Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
6.       Isidro, Matthew Angelo C.                    Saint Jude Catholic School                                           
7.       Wang, Steven John H.                           Uno High School                                                               
8.      Ong, Tiffany Mae N.                                 Immaculate Conception Academy Greenhills       
9.       Tolentino, Josei S.                                   Uno High School                                                               
10.   Ching, Jaymi Mae L.                               Jubilee Christian Academy                                        
 11.       Hingan John Aries Ceazar T                 San Beda College Alabang                                            
12.       LIM, JARRETT IAN                                 Philippine Academy of Sakya                                     

Fourth Year Category B
1.       Ong, Ezekiel Christian C.                      Uno High School                               
2.       Sy, Adrian Reginald C.                           Saint Jude Catholic School           
3.       Kelsey Lim Tiong Soon                           Grace Christian College                 
4.       Ong, Andrew Brandon L.                      Chiang Kai Shek College                                
5.       Ong, Jan Kendrick J.                              Chiang Kai Shek College                                
6.       Say, Vince Benedict K.                           Saint Jude Catholic School           
7.       Pascua, Gerald, M                                    Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
8.      Tan, Isabella Mae S.                                  Saint Jude Catholic School           
9.       Lesley Clarice Balete                              Grace Christian College                 
10.   Olaya, Albert Jason, Z                            Philippine Science High School Main Campus     
11.    Selena Marie So                                        Grace Christian College   
12.       Chan, Patrick Matthew J.                      Chiang Kai Shek College               
13.       Cu, Bernice Joy C.                                    Uno High School           
14.       Yu, Janine Michelle                                                Philippine Institute of Quezon City         
15.       Bernardino, Joshua Miguel M.           La Immaculada Concepcion School                    
16.       Sy, Andrew Lawrence                             Xavier School    

Individual Finalists - HS Category A

Grade 7  Category A
1.       Chua, Eion Nikolai S.                              MGC New Life Christian Academy                             
2.       Gonzales, Andres Rico III, M               Colegio de San Juan de Letran                                    
3.       Tan, Audrey                                               Malayan High School of Science                                 
4.       Banatao, Nathan Arthur, O.                 University of the Philippines Integrated School  
5.       Tan, Jose Tristan J.                                 Makati Hope Christian School                                     
6.       Brianna Lauren T. Ang                           MGC New Life Christian Academy                             
7.       Trisha Denis Siy                                        MGC New Life Christian Academy                             
8.      Song, Young Jeon   K.                             Multiple Intelligence International School            
9.       Yun, Sinu                                                     Victory Christian International School                     
10.   Gelera, Sean Albert, L.                           University of the Philippines Integrated School  
11.    Evangelista, Emmanuel Linus           Westfield Science Oriented School                         
12.    Kim, Eun Seo  (Clara)                             Southville International School and Colleges        
13.    Choi, Seong Young                                   Ann Arbor Montessori                                                    
14.    Juanes, John Joven D.                           Westfield Science Oriented School                            
15.    Ee, Christian James S.                           PACE Academy                                                                 
16.    AvendaƱo, Mariane Desiree C.           School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City                  
17.    Cantos, Maria Annika B.                        PAREF Woodrose School, Inc.                                     
18.   Chua, Richelle Aubrey A.                      PACE Academy                                                                 
19.    Lim, Chaerin H.                                        PAREF Woodrose School, Inc.                                     
20.   Portacio, Anne Margaret M.                 School of the Holy Spirit of Quezon City                  

Grade 8 Category A
1.       Dy, Lawrence Gabriel C.                        CCF Life Academy Foundation, INC.        
2.       Gonzales, Mark Edward M.                  St. Paul College of Makati                             
3.       Manuel, Edward Akiro S.                      Makati Hope Christian School                     
4.       Sy, Kylene Wynona V.                            PACE Academy                                                 
5.       Ong, Neal Garnett T.                               PACE Academy                                                 
6.       Mistades, Pierce Ivan Oliver M.         Don Bosco Technical Institute                    
7.       Go, Kyle Patrick E.                                   Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan Campus                   
8.      Alipio, Joshua Benedict, V.                  Lourdes School Quezon City                        
9.       Dolot, Jose Manuel G.                            Don Bosco Technical Institute                   
10.   LAO, DOROTHY NICOLE Y.                Dee Hwa Liong Academy                              
11.    Esguerra, Jonas Rhein                           Philippine Pasay Chung Hua Academy   
12.    Panganiban, Zeth Mikel O.                  Gideon Academy, Inc.                                    

Grade 9 Category A
1.       Bernardo, Luke Matthews B.               Philadelphia High School                           
2.       Chua,  Alyana Zoie                              MGC New Life Christian Academy             
3.       Wong, Eason U.                                  Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan Campus                  
4.       Villanueva, Isabel Jocyn R.                   PAREF Woodrose School, Inc.                     
5.       Oh, Si-Eun K.                                     PAREF Woodrose School, Inc.                     
6.       Penson, Patrice Margarita                    Makati Hope Christian School                     
7.       Shi, Kenneth G.                                   Philippine Cultural College - Caloocan Campus                   

Fourth Year Category A
1.       Uy, Almira Beatrice L.                            PACE Academy           
2.    Tanno, Gen Mark                                  Southville International School and Colleges
3.       De Belen, Gabriel C.                              Falcon School         
4.   Villar, Miguel                                           Southville International School and Colleges 
5.    Mun, Kwang Hyeon (Ron)                     Southville International School and Colleges
6.       Pedrido, Rudge Jache C.                       Westfield Science Oriented School       
7.      Chang, Katreena Dachelle                      Makati Hope Christian School      
8.      Jasper Bisnar                                          Integrated Montessori Center                            
9.      Mamutuk, John Bonaparte C.                 Westfield Science Oriented School                                  
10.      Trazo, Jaime Gabriel                               Elizabeth Seton School         
11.   Tiu, Natalie                                             MGC New Life Christian Academy                          
12.    Lugtu, Gilene Christelle                          Westfield Science Oriented School