Saturday, April 16, 2016

1st In-house Intensive Training for NCR Private School Teachers

Here's how you can register for the 1st MTAP In-house Intensive Training for NCR Private School Teachers to be held in Manila Grand Opera Hotel in Sta. Cruz, Manila on May 23 – 25, 2016:
1. Click the link provided below. You will be led to the online registration site.
2. Click the grade level where you will attend. You will then see the registration form which you have to fill up. Once done, check the box beside " I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions." Then click "NEXT"
3. For the pick up page, use the dropdown menu and choose "Pick up materials at the venue." Click "NEXT"
4. There are several ways by which you can pay the registration fee. You can pay online or make a deposit in any of the following banks: BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Security Bank. The details are all indicated in the payment page. 
5. Check the box beside "I have read the policies stated above." Then, click "NEXT". You will see the Transaction summary page. 
6. Click "Check Out" . You will see the order confirmation invoice. The same invoice will be emailed to you. More details regarding payments/ account number/account name are indicated in the email. (Note: If you do not click "Check Out" your data will not be recorded- meaning you have not made a reservation.)
7. Once the system verifies your payment, you will again receive an email of confirmation.

Please take note of the following:
1. You will only be considered registered once the system receives your payment.
2. If you register but fail to make the payment, the system will keep your data but will NOT include you in the official list of registered participants.
3. Once the slots are COMPLETELY FILLED, the system will NO LONGER accept registration.


To date, there are still available slots. 
Register  now!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Individual Awardees

The following Regional Individual Winners will be awarded on February 19, 2016 in Quezon City Science HS.  (The actual time of the Awarding Ceremony will be posted as soon as it has been coordinated and finalized.)

Grade 6 Category B
  1. Tang, Keean Nathaniel T.                                          UNO High School
  2. Julio, Vanessa Ryanne G.                                          Saint Jude Catholic School
  3. Lim, Lance Heinrich                                                  Saint Jude Catholic School
  4. Gelacio, Ron Angelo A.                                             Immaculate Heart of Mary College
  5. Maceda, Danela Kayla T.                                          Saint Jude Catholic School
  6. Chua, Shawn                                                              MGC New Life Christian Academy
  7. Narvasa, Jose Oliver F.                                               Notre Dame of Greater Manila
  8. Ang, Vince Dexter                                                      Philippine Cultural College-Manila
  9. Palomar, Wesley Gavin                                             Falcon School
  10. Bahukhandi, Ravi                                                           British School Manila
Grade 6 Category A
  1. Gaviola, Gian Cedric                                                 Pamplona ES
  2. Elpedes, Mark Andrei P.                                           East Rembo ES
  3. Takeki, Daichi Q.                                                        Legarda ES
  4. Caparas, Jann Neri R.                                                Rosa L. Susano ES
  5. Nono, Katriona Kristin Natania U                          Placido ES
  6. Valdres, Ralph Daniel M.                                          Apolonia F. Rafael ES
  7. Garcia, Josiah C.                                                         Santiago A. De Guzman ES
  8. Viṅa, Toney Juan B.                                                   Hen. Pio del Pilar ES
  9. Cobilla, Jimboy V.                                                      Pasong Tamo ES
  10. de Luna, BT P.                                                            Santiago A. De Guzman ES
Grade 10B
  1. Dulay, Kyle Patrick F.                                                Philippine Science High School-Main Campus
  2. Banzon, Christopher                                                 Makati Science HS
  3. Isidro, Matthew Angelo C.                                       Saint Jude Catholic School
  4. Ong, Tiffany Mae                                                       Immaculate Conception Academy Greenhills
  5. Que, Shaqille Wyan T.                                               Grace Christian College
  6. Chan, Adam                                                                Grace Christian College
  7. Tolentino, Josei S.                                                      Uno High School
  8. Quines, Carl Joshua                                                   Valenzuela City School Of Math & Science
  9. Tan, Genesis Jacinth                                                  Quezon City Science HS
  10. Wang, Steven John H.                                                     Uno High School
Grade 10A
  1. Bernardo, Luke Matthews B.                                  Philadelphia High School
  2. Bautista, Jezreel Harvey C.                                        Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) HS
  3. Duran, Rainier S.                                                        Fort Bonifacio HS
  4. Vallerio, Andrea Marie C.                                         Lagro HS
  5. Chua, Alyana                                                              MGC New Life Christian Academy
  6. Donguinos, Cedric Jerome C.                                  Ramon Magsaysay HS (Espana)
  7. Moreno, Macmac R.                                                 Lagro HS
  8. Ramos, Angelo A.                                                       Fort Bonifacio HS
  9. Wong, Eason U.                                                         Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan
  10. dela Cruz, Arnold Jr. V.                                             Batasan NHS

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Regional Finals for Grade 6 and Grade 10

When: February 19, 2016     8:00 a.m.
Where: Quezon City Science High School

Team Qualifiers (for both private and public schools)

Grade 6 Category B
  1. Ateneo de Manila University
  2. Chiang Kai Shek College
  3. Falcon School
  4. Immaculate Heart of Mary
  5. Jubilee Christian Academy
  6. La Naval Academy
  7. La Salle Green Hills 
  8. MGC New Life Christian Academy
  9. Notre Dame of Greater Manila
  10. Philippine Cultural College – Manila
  11. Saint Jude Catholic School
  12. San Beda College Alabang
  13. School of the Holy Spirit of the Quezon City
  14. UNO High School
  15. Xavier School
Grade 6 Category A
  1. Bangkal Elementary School
  2. Cuabo Elementary School
  3. Doña Pilar Gonzaga Elementary School
  4. Libis Elementary School
  5. Muntinlupa Elementary School
  6. Pamplona Elementary School Central
  7. Pasig Elementary School
  8. Ricardo P.Cruz Elementary School
  9. Sampaloc Site Elementary School
  10. Santiago A. de Guzman Elementary School
  11. Sto. Niño Elementary School
  12. Villamor Airbase Elementary School

Grade 10A
  1. Batasan Hills National  High School
  2. Fort Bonifacio  High School - (Makati)
  3. Holy Spirit National  High School
  4. Lagro  High School
  5. Makati Hope Christian School
  6. Malinta National  High School
  7. MGC New Life Christian Academy
  8. Philadelphia High School
  9. Philippine Cultural College – Caloocan
  10. Ramon Magsaysay  High School (Cubao)
  11. Signal Village National  High School   

Grade 10B
  1. Batasan Hills National High School
  2. Grace Christian College
  3. Immaculate Conception Academy
  4. Makati Science High School
  5. Manila Science High School
  6. Mataas na Paaralang Neptali Gonzales
  7. Philippine Academy of Sakya
  8. Philippine Science High School-Main Campus
  9. Quezon City Science High School
  10. Ramon Magsaysay High School (Cubao)
  11. Saint Jude Catholic School
  12. Uno High School
  13. Valenzuela City of Math & Science