Sunday, January 29, 2006

Merit Awardees: Grade 3

Merit Awardees - NCR Private Schools
Grade 3
First Honors
Cordon, James Justin - PAREF Southridge School for Boys
Lizarda, Philip C. - San Beda College, Alabang
Morales, Juancho - PAREF Southridge School for Boys
Ng, Seanne - St Jude Catholic School
Uy, Mikaela - St Jude Catholic School
Yturzaeta, Justin Edric - Jubilee Christian Academy

Second Honors
Chong, Deany Hendrick - St Peter the Apostle School
Go, Edrick Vincent - Chiang Kai Shek College
Koa, Martin - St Jude Catholic School
Mandac, Johna - School of Saint Anthony
Ngo, Jerald - Philippine Academy of Sakya
Ngo, Raenelle Ean A. - Chiang Kai Shek College
Sy, Karen Nicole - School of Saint Anthony
Tan, Benson - Jubilee Christian Academy
Tan, Jason - Jubilee Christian Academy
Tan, Nathaniel - Jubilee Christian Academy
Tanganco, Lyonel - Jubilee Christian Academy
Tio, Dielle Tane - St Stephens High School
Tiu, Sterling Alvin Kee - St Stephens High School

Third Honors
Abon, Aline Lei - St. Mary's Academy of Cal. City
Ang, Nathaniel - Philadelphia School
Batungbacal, Ana - San Beda College, Alabang
Belga, Marielle - Bobby and Kates
Chan, Jeremy Mark - Hope Christian High School
Co, Ian Patrick - Philippine Cultural HS-Annex
Co, John Alexander - Xavier School
Dimatatac, Mary Joy DC - San Beda College, Alabang
Elicano, Kisa - De La Salle Zobel School
Estrada, Jami - De La Salle Zobel School
Evangelista, Jeremiah S. - Philippine Christian University
Jetigan, John Michael - St Peter the Apostle School
Jugilion, Vince Paul - SFACS-TAPAT
Lacsama, Raissa - De La Salle Zobel School
Lin, Daniel - Philippine Cultural High School
Lu, Charles - St Jude Catholic School
Manalo, Angelo - Xavier School
Martinez, Zachary - Philippine Academy of Sakya
Mendiola, Maxinne Marie - Saint Pedro Poveda College
Ong, Daniel - Uno High School
Ongkiko, Mario Antonio - Xavier School
Ordinado, Kristianelle - San Beda College, Alabang
Padilla, Sabino - PAREF Southridge School for Boys
Patron, Pia Cassandra - Immaculate Heart of Mary College, Paranaque
Romero, Jerard - PAREF Southridge School for Boys
Sager, Monique - Saint Pedro Poveda College
Tan, Ethan Fredric - Xavier School
Tan, Jiro Charles - Xavier School
Tan, Wilhelm - La Salle Greenhills
Teh, Connor Riley - Xavier School

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abgr said...

Hi! I'm wondering what the qualifying score is for the 3rd honors? My child has a score of 35 and I was told that this qualifies her for the 3rd honors merit award. Is this true? May I know if this is already the complete listing? Thanks!