Sunday, January 29, 2006

Merit Awardees: High School Category A

Merit Awardees - NCR Private Schools

First Year

Third Honors
Matanguilan, Paola - IMC
Samion, Marian Clare - IMC
Shi, Hazel Joy - PCHS, Annex

Second Year

Third Honors
Clemaco, Joly - IMC
Dato, Rafaelle Luigi - School of St. Anthony
Clement, Carlos Enrico C - Elizabeth Seton School
Granario, Daryl - Immaculate Conception Parochial School
Luga, Bea - IMC
Salayon, Ayana - IMC

Third Year

Third Honors
Galan, John Kenneth - School of St. Anthony
Nuqui, Bunyin - PCHS, Annex
Palor, Anna Patricia - St. Alphonsus Liquiri International School
Fourth Year

Third Honors

Dagdag, Ralph Jayson -Claret Sch of QC
Ebro, Hannah Fatima - UPHR Las Pinas
Ticzon, Mark Ian - Sacred Heart Academy
Montanilla, Mac Leson - Statefields School


Jane Sta. Maria said...

Isnt it that the cut off score in individual finals is 40. How come that Sean Lu of St Jude College got third in the Individual Sectoral Finals where he got Bronze Medal in the merit awards whose cut off is 39. Why did you allow him to take the test? Check the list of the sectoral finalist his name is not in the list of 10 sectoral finalist. Why did the teacher bring him to Stella Maris? Dishonesty?

MTAP NCR Private Sectoral Division said...

Dear Ms Jane Sta Maria,
What grade/year level are you referring to? As for the school, do you mean St Jude Catholic School or St Jude College? Please complete the data so I can look into it. Thanks for your comment.

R Villame

Anonymous said...

dear ms villame,
i want to request you to post also the recent winners of the mtap math challenge of public high schools category A and B, both in individual and team finals.
thank you very much!