Monday, February 09, 2009

Area 3 Problem!

A few minutes ago, I received this text message from the Math Coordinator of Divine Light Academy:(who actually gave me the idea through telephone conversation that they can host the contest provided it will be done on Feb 14, and provided Mrs Guerra will agree) " Ma'am, I'm sorry we cannot host the MTAP Team Finals for high school on Saturday due to previous commitment and lack of facilities to be used. "
In view of this development, I am appealing to private schools in Area 3. If your school can host us despite this very short notice, please email or text me soon. All we need is a hall for the oral contest, or if no hall is available, even one big classroom will do. We will just let the contestants, the judges and the coaches to stay inside the contest area.
What happens if no school volunteers? We will hold the contest in Deeco Techonological Institute in Pasig City.

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