Saturday, February 27, 2010

Updated Schedule of 2010 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge

For Private Schools, NCR only

Sectoral and Regional Individual Finals: January 30, 2010

Area Team Finals
Elementary - February 11, 2010
Secondary - February 12, 2010

Sectoral Team Finals
Elementary - February 16, 2010
Secondary - February 18, 2010

Regional Team Finals
Gr 6 and Fourth Yr only - February 26, 2010
Venue: Chiang Kai Shek College
Padre Algue St., Tondo, Manila

Regional Team Finals
Elementary (Grades 1-5) March 9, 2010
Venue: Rizal High School
Secondary (First Yr to Third Yr) March 16, 2010
Venue: Rizal High School

National Individual Finals
Written - March 26, 2010
Venue: Kabayan Hotel
National Finals
Individual and Team Orals - March 27, 2010
Venue: Metrobank Building


Sularus said...


I have visited Metrobank's website and there are no details yet on deadlines or registration, etc, for schools in the NCR.

The links for the following do NOT work:
Registration Form
Contest Guidelines
Contest Mechanics

Please advise on the necessary steps that a school in Quezon City must take to register.

Hopefully, the updates on details can be provided soon.

Thank you and more power!

kristine said...

ms. villame, good evening. our school wish join this years mtap math challenge, but we did not join the review session as well as the teacher's seminar. Can we still join? and if yes, where can we get the form and when is the deadline of submission? Thank you very much.. -ktc

Rechilda P. Villame said...

For those who wish to join the eliminations on January 16, 2010 , email the names of your contestants to You can still join!

bperez said...

mam, kasama na po ba sa list yung jan. 16, 2010 exam? tnx

Henry said...

When will the team member listing be posted? As the event is already on Feb 11 for elementary level. Thanks!

rpp said...

Hi, just a suggestion regarding the Finals schedule (March 29-30). I think they fall on the Holy Week. You might want to reconsider it. Again, it's just a suggestion.

raymond said...

hi, when will you publish the schools that qualified for the team orals? elem and sec. thanks

Lyn said...

Good day Ms. Villame,

Requesting correction of name from CRUZ, Renald Aerol S. to CRUZ, RENARD AEROL S. of Grade 3 LaSalle Greenhills, in the Individual Finalists Listing and for future documentation purposes.

Thank you, Mrs. Lyn Cruz

sally said...

hi there! we would like to ask about the venue for the Area Team Finals (area 2) that will be held on Feb,11,2010? thank you

rachelle_shao said...

hello could you please post the scores of sectoral grade 2 thanks

rpp said...

Hi Would you already have the venue for the Regional Team finals (Grades 1-5)?. Thanks.

kathy said...

what time (schedule) is the Regional Team Finals on Feb. 26, 2010 at Chiang Kai. thanks.

Anonymous said...

We are hoping for fresh new questions in the Regional Team Finals para naman maging patas Ang Laban, dahil memoryado na halos Ang mga lumang questions. Nawawala na ang Challenge at nagiging paramihan Ng namemorize na mga tanong so wala nang analysis. Salamat po.

Teacher D said...

Good Day, I was just wondering if the march 9 competition will push through, the said date is our Final examination week... my co-teachers and i is hoping that you could moved the date of the competition and may we also know the venue of the said event... thank you for understanding and consideration. God Bless.

raymond said...

Regional Finals for Grades 1 to 5 at Rizal High School, March 9, 2010

Anonymous said...

pls post the schedule per level for Regional Finals.

strawberryjum said...

Good evening... Please post po yung mga names kung sinu yung kasali sa National Individuals Final... Thank you very much and God bless!

lc said...

good afternoon.

Can we have the exact address of Rizal High School, the venue for regional team finals for 1st to 3rd year high school students on March 16, 2010?

Thank you.

Janet said...


I think it would be very helpful if aside from the name of the school, you also put the complete address of the school venue where they will take the competition.

Thank you very much.


Sularus said...

Hi Mam Villame.

I know that the coverage of the third year Cat A is the curriculum of the DepEd. My question is this: Isn't third year solely about Euclidean geometry? There were algebra questions in the sectoral rounds and below in third year.

I think it will more fair to all if we stick to geometry in third year. If questions are based on the curriculum of the school where the person who makes the questions are employed, then it would be unfair for the others who focus solely on geometry in third year.

Just in case the questions are already done for the regional round, perhaps we can have a list of the topics other than geometry so that we can cover those in our preparations. thank you!