Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Individual Finalists- Elementary Level

Grade 1
Abola, Juan Pablo PAREF Southridge School for Boys
Charles Arcega Philippine Academy of Sakya
Cheng, Dexter St Jude Catholic School
Cheng, Jhervy Edric Chiang Kai Shek College
Chua , Eion MGC New Life Academy
Co, Adrian Nathan Xavier School
Co, Henisaun Philippine Cultural College, Main
Cocoanco, Luigi St Jude Catholic School
Dela Cruz, Vincent La Naval Academy
Fadri, Vincent Paul San Beda College, Alabang
Fernandez, Sabina St. Paul College, Pasig
Lao, Miguel Bradford Philippine Cultural College, Main
Mejilla, EJ Ateneo de Manila Grade School
Morano, Geralen R. St Alphonsus Ligouri Integrated School
Ong, Dion Stephan Ateneo de Manila Grade School
Parra, Ma. Leibniz St. Paul College, Pasig
Serillelo, Angelo Christian St. Louise College, Valenzuela
Siy , Trisha Denise MGC New Life Academy
So, Belinda St Jude Catholic School
Sy, Audrey St Jude Catholic School
Sy, Ryan Jerico Chiang Kai Shek College
Tiu, Sherwin St Stephen's High School
Villareal, Alexa St. Paul College, Pasig

Grade 2
Branzuela, Jeremy St Jude Catholic School
Buendia, Seth Gaister Immaculate Heart of Mary College
Chan, Jonathan Matthew Philippine Academy of Sakya
Chong, Ginger St Jude Catholic School
Co, Shaun St Jude Catholic School
Colorito, Katrina Laura San Beda College, Alabang
Costuna, John Lennard Mater Carmelli
Daza, Simon Gabriel Immaculate Heart of Mary College
Dela Cruz, Paul Renzo La Naval Academy
Gatchalian, Ryan Jacob Jubilee Christian Academy
Hinga, John Ian Louise San Beda College, Alabang
Lazaro, Yves Gabriel Ateneo de Manila Grade School
Lim, Jacob Gonzales Chiang Kai Shek College
Lina, Joshua St Patrick School of Novaliches
Liu, Hans St Jude Catholic School
Pua, Gabriel Joseph St Stephen's High School
Reyes, Kyle La Salle Greenhills
Robang, Andrea PAREF Woodrose
Roque, Karl Raymond Notre Dame of Greater Manila
Santos, Kendrick Thomas St. Louis College
Sevilla, Princess Bea Sto Nino de Novaliches School
Siscar, Alijah Joyce St. Louis College
Tamayo, Lawrence St Patrick School of Novaliches
Tan, Brian Gargantos St Stephen's High School
Tan, Matthew Eric St Stephen's High School
Tine, Lance Christian St Stephen's High School
Wong, Timothy Bryan Chiang Kai Shek College

Grade 3
Abogan, Hans St Jude Catholic School
Baizas, Cody Saint Pedro Poveda College
Balete, Thomas St Stephen's High School
Canlas , Sofia IMC, Taguig
Catindig, Jayson Dwight La Immaculada Concepcion School
Chan, Adam Christopher Grace Christian College
Chua , Alyana MGC New Life Academy
Cruz, Gabby Saint Pedro Poveda College
Cruz, Jan Joshua P. Pasig Catholic College
Cruz, Renald Aerol S. La Salle Greenhills
Danguilan, Jose Lorenzo A. Ateneo de Manila Grade School
Dee, Christian St Jude Catholic School
Fadri, Joan Lyn San Beda College
Gelera, Christian Philip L. UP Integrated School
Huang, Trisha Chiang Kai Shek College
Isidro, Matthew St Jude Catholic School
Lao, Dorothy Dee Hwa Liong Academy
Lim, Justin Frederick Xavier School
Macapanpan, Jose Martin Q. Ateneo Grade School
Maon, Yusaira R Falcon Learning Center
Paggalao , Julliana IMC, Taguig
Puig, Harold Andre T. La Salle Greenhills
Que, Shaquille Wyan Grace Christian College
Sandejas, Clarissa Saint Pedro Poveda College
Shi, Kenneth Phil Cultural College, Caloocan
Sy, Monique St Jude Catholic School
Tayag, Pauline Notre Dame of Greater Manila
Tio, Daniel Tan St Stephen's High School

Grade 4

Abdao , Robert IMC, Taguig
Abella, Alfonso Miguel Grace Christian College
Ang, Clyde Wesley Chiang Kai Shek College
Ang, Julleanne May Philippine Academy of Sakya
Billones, John Reach R&O Academy
Calderon, Cristiana Marie Falcon Learning Center
Chan, Cary Albert St Jude Catholic School
Co, Johnson Miko St Stephen's High School
Dulay , Albert Neil IMC, Taguig
Guevarra, Allyssa De La Sallle Zobel
Hingan, Jolin Aries San Beda College
Jaba, Andrea Jessica St Jude Catholic School
Keh, Sedrick Scott Xavier School
Oriz , Adriano IMC, Taguig
See, Engelberg Jeremy Jubilee Christian Academy
Sim, Phil Eldridge Jubilee Christian Academy
Tan, Hans Markson St Stephen's High School
Torio,Ericka Marie La Consolacion College
Villaluz, Rafael San Beda College
Wong, Kent Louie St Stephen's High School
Wu , Farrell MGC New Life Academy

Grade 5
Barrientos, Marco Alfredo J. UP Integrated School
Chan, Patrick Chiang Kai Shek College
Chua, Ethan Zachary Xavier School
Chua, Scott Xavier School
Co, Alonzo Mason Jubilee Christian Academy
Estampador, Gabriel Angelo San Beda College
Fadri, Raymond Joseph San BEda College, Alabang
Flores, Lorenzo Jaime Flores Xavier School
Galang, Joelle Noriko School of the Holy Spirit
Hung, Cenalyn Sedenia Philippine Cultural College
Lara, Jimuel S. UP Integrated School
Lee, Jaewon PAREF Southridge School for Boys
Lim Tiong Soon, Kelsey Jubilee Christian Academy
Mariano, Alexander Czar Grace Christian College
Ong, Andrew Brandon Chiang Kai Shek College
Ong, Jan Kendrick Chiang Kai Shek College
Paguia, Carl Josep R. La Salle Greenhills
Reforma, Bryan De De La Salle Zobel
Robang, Agnes PAREF Woodrose
Santiago, Rafael PAREF Southridge School for Boys
Say, Vince St Jude Catholic School
Sy, AdrianSt Jude Catholic School
Sy, Andrew St Jude Catholic School
Tan, Isabella St Jude Catholic School
Tanno, Gen Mark Southville International School
Ton, Daniel Hope Christian High School

Grade 6
Abdao , De Anne Rochelle IMC, Taguig
Acevedo, Roxanne St. Paul College, Pasig
Carranceja, Jason Carlo Grace Christian College
Casanova, Gio Godfrey La Immaculada Concepcion School
Chua, Austin Edrich St Jude Catholic School
Chuatak, John St Stephen's High School
Danielle, Madriaga San Beda College
Guillermo, Ma. Christiana OB Montessori Center Inc.
Isaac, Patrick Denzel La Naval Academy
Lacson, Anna Dominique G. School of the Holy Spirit Quezon City
Lao, Ma. Czarina Angela St Jude Catholic School
Maon, Yusaine R. Falcon Leraning Center
Panandigan, Rohanna La Immaculada Concepcion School
Rodriguez, Justine Angelica Chiang Kai Shek College
Siva, Ma. Viktoria Mater Carmeli School
Sy, Stuart St Jude Catholic School
Tiu, Benedict St Stephen's High School
Torrecampo, Christinne Jereman Divine Light Academy
Yao, Kaye Jannele Grace Christian College
Yu, Marc Adrian St Stephen's High School


SPOTCHEE said...

Can you please post the scores for the HS level? Thanks if you can. :)

Theresa said...

Greetings! I am writing with regards to the MTAP prizes and awards for the elimination stage. If our school does not qualify in the elimination round, but the participant/students got scores 35 and above. Are they going to receive a certificate of merit?
Is this an individual award?

Thank you in advance for your response.

clydeang_421 said...

When is the individual contest???

Rechilda P. Villame said...

Spotchee, the scores will not be posted. This is why we encouraged your math coordinator to participate in the checking and rechecking of the elimination papers.

Theresa, those who abtained scores of 35 and above will receive Merit Certificates. We will publish their names in this site soon.

clydeang_421, the individual contest will be on January 30, 7:30 am at Stella Marris College, Cubao, QC

clydeang_421 said...

For how long is the individual contest and what is the cut-off score for grade 4?

Mary Grace said...

Where can the students claim their certificate of merit?

aty said...

what is the qualifying scores for individual contest in grade 6?

Antonio said...

Greetings! I read your response about Theresa's comment about the recheking of elimination test papers, we were not aware that we are encouraged to participate in the rechecking. Thank you..

Antonio said...

What seems to be the problem with Grace Christian College? Many parents are waiting for the result and the next test is fast approaching.
Thank you for your time...

Theresa said...

Are you going to e-mail the scores of each participant to their school?

Rechilda P. Villame said...

The individual contest will be about 2 hrs, depending upon the level. I will post the mechanics here, soon..

The Certificates of Merit will be distributed during the Awarding Ceremony of the Area Finals..

As to rechecking.. I have posted the announcement in this site before the elimination..

I can email the scores after everything has been posted. I need to post following:
names of the Individual Finalists; names of the Area Team Finalists

Thanks for all your comments

Rechilda P. Villame said...

One more thing, I will be posting the names of all the merit awardees, arranged according to scores obtained, highest to lowest. The scores will not be indicated though..

Question for Antonio..Where is your testing center?

DAVE said...

i hope that by the end of this week you'll post the scores in this site........

nathanhai_19vias said...


nathanhai_19vias said...

May I request the result of the test last January 16 in HS level Area 4?

Teacher Luz said...

thank you prof. villame for the results...

Rosalie said...

May I ask when will you post the results for HS level Area 2?
Thank you very much

Niel Jansel said...

Hope you can post the names of the qualifiers in HS tomorrow.

Saint Luke said...

why will the results for the high school level not be posted? is there a problem with the checking? I hope i can still see the results here in the future...

Vincent said...

The public schools (elementary level) had their MTAP held ahead of the private schools last January 14, 2010. If the questionnaires were the same, was it possible that there was a leakage?

charm1ng810 said...

Ms Villame, kindly correct the name of my son in the Individual Finalists/Elementary Level. The GARD, MIGUEL BRAD should be MIGUEL BRADFORD LAO.
Charm Lao

Jocs Fadri said...

Kindly make the following corrections in your list of qualifiers:

(1) Grade 1 - FADRI, Vincent Paul instead of FADRE
(2) Grade 5 - Fadri, Raymond Joseph is from San Beda College Alabang not from PAREF Southridge.

Thank you.

Robyn said...

What happened to Immaculate Conception Academy GREENHILLS? There's not a single ICAN(GH) in that list.

hellokittymom said...

hi ms rechilda, kindly correct the name of my daughter, correct name should be ANDREA ROBANG instead of ANDREA ROBERY from PAREF WOODROSE Grade 2 , her name can be found in the individual finalist elementary level GR 2., thanks

Stan said...

Will the individual finals for High School also be on January 30?

Sad to say Hope Christian High School (also a MTAP Testing Center) insists on holding their interschool competition "Battle of the Brains" on same date to conflict with the MTAP individual finals.

We hope they consider adjusting their schedule (even on the afternoon of same date) so that participant schools can choose the best from their studentry - many of whom may also be MTAP Individual Finalists.

clydeang_421 said...

When will you post the teams in gr.4? And can you change the date of the individual contest in to afternoon or some other date because there is a battle of the brains on that same date.

DAVE said...

i'm just wondring why i can't see maristas there ^_^

carlos said...

Greetings! please kindly correct the name of my daughter from Calderon, Cristianna Marie to Calderon, Cristiana Marie, she in grade 4 and from Falcon Learning Center. Thanks and more power!

Corriger said...

When will you post the Individual Finalists for the High School?

Stan said...


On the contrary, I think it should be Hope Christian High School who should reschedule their contest.

MTAP is national in scope. It involves a lot more schools both public and private. To ask MTAP to reschedule the individual finals is analogous to moving a National Event in favor of a Local City Event.

The mere fact that they were designated as a Testing Center should be more than enough reason for them to give importance to MTAP.

Mr.Sipnayan said...

To Mam Richie,

Please correct the name of CO, Henisaun to CO, HENNISON of PCC Main
Grade one.. Thank you very much in advance..


Good luck to your test.. pasensya na sobra ko kayong pinapagod..

Mr. Sy

Stan said...

Schedule of Succeeding Competitions:

Area Team Finals
Elementary: February 11, 2010
Secondary: February 12, 2010

Sectoral Finals
Elementary: February 16, 2010
Secondary: February 18, 2010

Regional Finals
(Grades 1-5): March 9, 2010
(HS I-III): March 16, 2010

National Finals (Gr. 6 and HS IV)
March 26-27, 2010

Stan said...

Just want to clarify if the post dated January 4, 2010 is the correct schedule.

Several postings have been made but the posting date was never updated.

Is the following the correct schedule so that we may adjust our own activities?

Schedule of Succeeding Competitions:

Area Team Finals
Elementary: February 11, 2010
Secondary: February 12, 2010

Sectoral Finals
Elementary: February 16, 2010
Secondary: February 18, 2010

Regional Finals
(Grades 1-5): March 9, 2010
(HS I-III): March 16, 2010

National Finals (Gr. 6 and HS IV)
March 26-27, 2010

Few said...

Hi Ma'am,
Kindly update my name & school. Grade 4 > Wu, Farrell Eldrian - MGC New Life Christian Academy.
Thank you and God bless!

Antonio said...

thank you for your immediate response, our testing center is la consolacion college in caloocan...

Sally said...

Hi! Kindly correct the name of my godson. Grade 1, 4th Row, Cheng, Jhervey Edric.

The Jhervey is with an "e" between v and y. Thanks.

Mommy E said...

Please publish the list for all individual finalists - public schools for elementary level. Thank you so much... More power!

Mommy E said...

Hi, Prof. Villame! I know that you are the coordinator for the Private Sectoral for MTAP. Would it be possible for you to post the finalists for the Public Sector as well.... or perhaps direct us to the site that will give that information... I've been searching online for that specific list but it's nowhere to be found... Thank you so much...