Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sectoral Team Winners-Elementary

Grade 1

FIRST Place : St Jude Catholic School

So, Belinda; Sy, Audrey; Cheng, Dexter

Coach: Ms. Bagalayos

SECOND Place : Chiang Kai Shek College

Sy, Ryan Jerico; Cheng, Jhervy Edric; Bituin, Ethan Karsten

Coach: Ms. Faustina Panganiban

THIRD Place : MGC New Life Christian Academy

Siy, Trisha Denise; Chua, Eion; Lim, Ike Jordan

Coach: Ms. Michelle Papa

Grade 2

FIRST Place : St Stephens High School

Pua, Gabriel Joseph; Tan, Matthew Eric; Tine, Lance Christian

Coach: Ms. Diola

SECOND Place : St Jude Catholic School

Chong, Jinger; Liu, Hans; Branzuela, Jeremy

Coach: Ms. Martin

THIRD Place : San Beda College , Alabang

Hingan, John Ian Lenix; Punzalan, Jessica Danyael; Colasito, Katrina Laura


Grade 3

FIRST Place : St Jude Catholic School

Dee, Christian; Isidro, Matthew; Sy, Monique

Coach: Mrs. Sotto

SECOND Place : UP Integrated School

Gelera, Christian Philip; Avila, Nathaniel Arvin; Rivera, Franco Benedict

Coach: Prof. Luzviminda Sibbaluca

THIRD Place : St Pedro Poveda College

Cruz, Gabby; Baizas, Cody; Sandejas, Clarissa

Coach: Ms Viola Habon

Grade 4

FIRST Place : St Jude Catholic School

Chan, Cary Albert; Jaba, Andrea Jessica; Chua, Christopher Kohchet

Coach: Ms Esposo

SECOND Place : San Beda College, Alabang

HIngan, John Aries Ceasar; Dalangin, Allan Joshua; Villaluz, Raphael

Coach: Ms Ma. Liberty Solomon

THIRD Place : MGC New Life Christian Academy

Wu, Farrel Eldrian; Huo Lin, Kim; Tan, Gillian

Coach: Ms Pamplona

Grade 5

FIRST Place : St Jude Catholic School

Sy, Adrian; Say, Vince; Tan, Isabella

Coach: Ms Reguindin

SECOND Place : Xavier School

Florez, Lorenzo Jaime; Chua, Ethan Zachary; Chua, Scott

Coach: Ms Mary Rose Lugapo

THIRD Place : San Beda College, Alabang

Estampador, Gabriel; Hyun, Park Byeong; Fadri, Raymond

Coach: Ms Malou Magallanes

Grade 6

FIRST Place : St Jude Catholic School

Lao, Ma.Czarina Angela; Chua, Austin

Coach: Ms Mijares

SECOND Place : St Stephens High School

Chuatak, John Thomas; Tiu, Benedict

Coach: Mr. Charlie Khia

THIRD Place : San Beda College, Alabang

Domingo, Allen Cedrick; Madriaga, Danielle V.

Coach:Mr. Cenon Ryan E. Mendoza


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the winners of the MTAP Sectoral Finals can really be called "good in math" as the said contest is more of "History" subject more than actual analyzing and computing challenging math problems. The well-memorized and resource-filled teams have already memorized about 10 years MTAP questions. Worst is the fact that a problem can even has the same given numbers. No one winning participant can deny that many of the problems are the exactly the same with the one their trainor had given them. I'm sure a lot of parents/observers have once admired the seasoned winners but they will later realized the fact that it's not a fair game after all.

cherrylou said...

What Jun commented is true.
My daughter is being trained from weekdays for an hour with previous Mtap questions so they develop familiarity and speed in computing. Yes, they deserves to win cause they invested so much time, but changing the problems is definitely a welcome change as my daughter is getting bored already and now finds math challenge no longer a challenge but waiting for problems they have been reviewed.
Hope to hear new type of questions in the Regional Finals.