Thursday, January 20, 2011

Area 1 Merit Awardees - Taguig

Grade 1
Second Honors
Dee , Johann (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Third Honors
Bautista , Ralde Banuel (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Tin , Caroline (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Grade 2
First Honors
Chua , Eion (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Siy , Trisha Denise (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Ang , Brianna Lauren (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Second Honors
Lim , Ike Jordan (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Santos , Joshua (IMC - Diego Silang)
Grade 3
First Honors
Dy, Lawrence Gabriel (Makati Hope Christian School)
Second Honors
Lagamon , Alexandra (IMC - Diego Silang)
Third Honors
Fausto , Bernadeth (IMC - Diego Silang)
Del Rosario , Delfin John (IMC - Diego Silang)
Abiera , Madeleine (IMC - Diego Silang)
Chua , Gabriel (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Grade 4
Second Honors
Chua , Alyana Zoe (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Si , Bohden Christian (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Third Honors
Chua , Janelle Alyson Ange (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Nievop , William Pedro (IMC - Diego Silang)
Tio , Ken Patrick (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Grade 5
First Honors
Abdao , Robert (IMC - Diego Silang)
Wu , Farrell (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Second Honors
Dulay , Albert (IMC - Diego Silang)
Grade 6
Second Honors
Sumangil , Ramil Victor (IMC - Diego Silang)
Third Honor
Ares , Harr Eugenio (IMC - Diego Silang)

First Year
First Honors
Santos, Pamela Marie (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Ocampo,Ilyanna Janie (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Third Honors
Vivar, Nicanor Jr. (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Choa, Jeremy Micah (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Second Year
First Honors
Guanzon, Sonny (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Second Honors
David, Princess Belle Marie (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Guerrero, Dann Erika (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Third Year
Second Honors
Bisnar, Janine Caryl (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Hao Lin, Lanz Patrick (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Quirapas, Kristopher Rey (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Third Honors
Chow, Edison Jeffrey (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Fourth Year
First Honors
Tiu, Jessica (MGC New Life Christian Academy)
Second Honors
Talino, Marianne Katharina (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Evidor, Frederick Michael (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Third Honors
Olis, Ma. Nenia (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Buffe, Andrew (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)
Fajilagutan, Babylyn (Integrated Montessori Center – Taguig)


bagnaberde said...

from whom can we ask the score of the area1 taguig st francis de asisi testing center if the name does not appear in your blog? thanks

ROA said...

I agree with the comments that Area 1 is the hardest area to compete in and also the most saturated area.

Area 1 is composed of Manila, Makati, Pasay, Taguig and Pateros - 5 cities (with Manila definitely saturated with the most schools in NCR). Area 2 and 4 both have 5 cities, but how come Area 3 just has 3 cities - Las Pinas, Paranaque and Muntinlupa? It should be noted that Las Pinas, Paranaque and Muntinlupa's school population are definitely smaller than any of the cities assigned in Area 1, 2 and 4.

My students noticed this before and they are envious with other schools who gets to compete easily during Area Orals while we from Area 1 are competing against the giants.

Maybe MTAP should make the Area grouping according to Team scores results in the Elimination round. Class A teams get to compete with 1 another then Class B and so on. By then the competition will be fair, challenging and really competitive. Unlike now, there's Area that is too easy to win cause basically overkill and no competition at all. I am sure the schools will not mind going to different venues if this will gives their students more chance of winning. Just a thought.