Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Area 4 Merit Awardees (MCS Testing Center)

Grade 3
Third Honors
Costuna, John Leonard C. Mater Carmeli School
Coyoc, Jurgen Excel P. School Of Saint Anthony
De Las Llagas, Jose Miguel A. School Of Saint Anthony
Roldan, Alessandra Deone Y. School Of Saint Anthony
Grade 4
Third Honors
Padie, Edwin Leovince F. School Of Saint Anthony
Cercado, Ross Dominic S. Mater Carmeli School
Grade 5
Third Honors
Hernandez, Ryan Sly D. Mater Carmeli School
Ko, Angelo Jake Mater Carmeli School
Desabelle, Olyn School Of Saint Anthony
Grade 6
Third Honors
Bondoc, Hans Joren L. St. Theresa's School Of Novaliches
Third Year
Third Honors
Soriano, Conrad Matthew F. Mater Carmeli School
Padilla, Wilfredo Jr. C. School Of Saint Anthony
Dulatre, Jonathan Carlo R. School Of Saint Anthony
Fourth Year
First Honors
Cansino, Niel Jansel A. Mater Carmeli School


malou said...

Hi Ms. Villame,
Hope we can see the results from Good Shepherd Testing Center. I know that the day won't end without all papers being checked. I wonder why it takes time for the result to be reported. This is always the case every year. What about setting a deadline for the officials or OICs to submit reports? The move to call for more volunteer proctors and checkers was a bright idea. I believe we can all do better next time. Thanks!

Camsaiii said...

Where are the results for first year, second year, and some seniors?

Julius Abel said...

good eve ma'am rechie,

thanks for posting these results on this blogsite, this truly keeps us updated
may i just correct, our merit awardee from the 3rd year, DULATRE, JONATHAN CARLO, his middle initial is "R" and not P, correction for the certificate if ever they will be given :)
thank you very much! :)

Mr. Jules Galpao
Math Coordinator - High School
School of Saint Anthony

grace said...

nothing yet mam from grace christian school?

desperate romantic said...

Hi! Mrs. Villame, were you able to receive the e-mail of the results from Grace Christian College? Thanks

Anonymous said...

still no updates?

thanks ...

noslen_zurc said...

gud am ms villame,
any online result from rizal province? tnx

ldy said...

hi Ms. Villame,
we know that you are a very busy person. maybe you can delegate inputting of the results so you dont have to stay up very late. we hope the complete list will be out by tomorrow. our school and the kids have been waiting for the results since tuesday. thanks!

mtapers said...

mam bakit wala pa po ung results for area 4 blessed sacrament testing area?


Anonymous said...

Greetings! Has Area 4, Good Shepherd Testing Center submitted the results already? If yes, when will we receive the results? If no, why is it taking so long? Individual scores of students have been announced but we are still uncertain if we qualified to compete in the competition. Please post the results as soon as possible. Thank you.