Saturday, January 15, 2011

HS Category A Merit Awardees - Partial List

Area 2

First Year A

Second Honors

Sabulto, Jasmin Joy (Fountain International School)

Third Honors

Castro, Jhun Christopher (Fountain International School)

Castro, Michael (Xavier School)

Ureta, Leona Shylene L. (St. Paul College Pasig)

Magpantay, Jand Frewi (Ateneo de Manila Grade School)

Onglao, Andrea Kristina S. (St. Paul College Pasig)

Hao, Erika (Immaculate Conception Academy)

Cheng, Erin (Immaculate Conception Academy)

Marguilies, Elizabeth (Miriam College High School)

Bartilad, kelvin (Ateneo de Manila Grade School)

Second Year A

First Honors

Espinosa, Adrielle (Fountain International School)

Third Honors

Añano, Christine (Fountain International School)

Third Year A

First Honors

Rivera, John Mark (Fountain International School)

Kong, Sally (Miriam College High School)

Third Honors

Jeong, Sarah (Miriam College High School)

Fourth Year A

First Honors

Nuñez, Carlo (Dee Hwa Liong Academy)

Guillermo, Celine (Miriam College High School)

Second Honors

Pacibe, Royce Antonio (Fountain International School)

Nacionales, Karla Mae (Fountain International School)

Lee, Anika (Miriam College High School)

Third Honors

Kia, Hyeong Jun (Diliman Preparatory School)

Seo, Jiyoung (Miriam College High School)

Balbosa, Jovito (Claret School of Quezon City)

Usman, Jawhar (Fountain International School)

Domingo, James Renier (Claret School of Quezon City)


Andy said...

Hi I just want to know if your going to post the result of MTAP Laguna?

Rechilda P. Villame said...

No, Sir. I am cordinating private schols of Metro Manila only

Leandre_Kiu said...

This is a "partial list" right? So meaning there are some more who arent listed?