Friday, January 21, 2011

Individual Finals

The Individual finals will be on January 29, 2011 in Stella Maris College, Cambridge St., Cubao,Quezon City.
By 8:00 a.m. all contestants must be seated in their respective testing rooms. Doors will be closed. No late contestants will be accepted.
Cut-off Scores:
Grade 1 - 37 ; Grade 2 - 42 ; Grade 3 - 42 ; Grade 4 - 41 ;
Grade5 - 43 ; Grade 6 - 43
HS IA - 36 ; HSIIA - 36 ; HSIIIA - 37 ;  HSIVA - 37;
HS IB - 40; HSIIB - 42; HSIIIB - 38;  HSIVB - 38


helen said...

Good day ma'am! I am Helen Chua of PCC Caloocan Campus. May I please ask how do we know if our merit awardees automatically qualify to the individual finals? Also, how do we determine if we have a team to qualify to the division finals? Lastly, may we know the scores of our participants. Your reply to this query will be much appreciated. Thanks.

mtapers said...

ms. villame,all honors are qualified even the third honors?

melvseg14 said...

who are the qualifiers for this round?

Rechilda P. Villame said...

Please see Merit Awardees vs Individual Finalists

MTG Grace said...

Hi! Mrs Villame. Would the individual finalists need a certification for them to be accepted in the testing center?
Thank you.

Mr. BATAS said...

Good day!


In connection with the Division Team Finals, when will be the list names of the schools be posted?

Thank you and God Bless