Saturday, January 15, 2011

Area 2 Merit Awardees (DHLA Center)

Below is the partial list of Merit Awardees in the 2011 Metrobank-MTAP-Math Challenge. Awards are based from the scores obtained in the 50-item test taken during the elimination level.
Merit Certificates will be distributed during the Area Finals on February 10.
First Honors:45-50; Second Honors:40-44; Third Honors:35-39

Area 2
Grade 1
Second Honors
Fajardo, Tristan Joaquin M. (La Salle Greenhills)
Third Honors
Ditching, Gabriel M. (La Salle Greenhills)
Tansiongkun, Matthew Shawn (Xavier School)
Nerecina, Kean (Ateneo Grade School)
Olalia, IƱigo (Ateneo Grade School)
Grade 2
First Honors
Ong, Dion Stephan (Ateneo Grade School)
Second Honors
ES Mejilla (Ateneo Grade School)
Silverio, Andrei Miguel (Twinkle Toes Academy, Inc.)
Parra, Maria Leibniz Charisse D. (St. Paul College Pasig)
Villareal, Alexa Sofia G. (St. Paul College Pasig)
Wee, Philmon Sedrick (Xavier School)
Third Honors
Reynoso, Kyle Gabriel M. (La Salle Greenhills)
Chen, Adolph Monji (Xavier School)
Castro, Al Patrick (Pasig Catholic College)
Arellano, Andrei Clyde (Pasig Catholic College)
Velasco, Franco (Ateneo Grade School)
Grade 3
First Honors
Marquez, John Henry T. (UP Integrated School)
Reyes, Kyle William N. (La Salle Greenhills)
Magsajo, Theresa Denise C. (St. Paul College Pasig)
Second Honors
Monares, Zeidrich M. (UP Integrated School
Orfiano, Zachary Claude (Ateneo Grade School)
Banatao, Nathan Arthur O. UP Integrated School
Shao, Ryan Mark (Xavier School)
Third Honors
Lazaro, Yues Gabriel (Ateneo Grade School)
Carpo, Nicholas Patrick G. (La Salle Greenhills)

Carlos, Christopher Jose (Ateneo Grade School)

Evangelista, Adrian Nikolai (Pasig Catholic College)

Ferido, Fernand Conniel (Pasig Catholic College)
Francisco, Pamela Isabel S. (St. Paul College Pasig)
Dela Merced, Stephanie (St. Paul College Pasig)
Mildred, Consuelo T. Paragas (St. Pedro Poveda College)
Grade 4
First Honors
Gelera, Christian Philip L. UP Integrated School
Lim, Justin Frederick (Xavier School)
Puig, Harold Andre T. La Salle Greenhills
Second Honors
Joquino, Lorenzo Gabriel (Xavier School)
Cruz, Jan Josua (Pasig Catholic College)
Catindig, Jayson Dwight (La Immaculada Concepcion School)
Danguilan, Jose Lorenzo (Ateneo Grade School)
Lao, Dorothy Nicole (Dee Hwa Liong Academy)
Sandejas, Clarissa Remedios (St. Pedro Poveda College)
Third Honors
Macapanpan, Martin (Ateneo Grade School)
Agan, Mikaela (St. Paul College Pasig)
Bernardo, Isabella (St. Paul College Pasig)
Go, Alexander Bernard (Xavier School)
Cruz, Gabrielle Marie (St. Pedro Poveda College)
Baizas, Anna Nicola (St. Pedro Poveda College)
Vitug, Mikko Carlo (Ateneo Grade School)
Villegas, Angelo Miguel S. (La Salle Greenhills)
Gabaton, Mary Beatrice (Pasig Catholic College)
Grade 5
First Honors
Keh, Sedrick Scott (Xavier School)
Second Honors
Ortega, Gerard (Ateneo Grade School)
Tech, Lorenz Matthew (Pasig Catholic College)
Uy, Mark Christopher (Xavier School)
Gelera, Josef Paul L. (UP Integrated School)
Uy, Matthew Johann (Xavier School)
Gonzales, Lou Irish (Pasig Catholic College)
Third Honors
Aure, Christian Claudde (La Immaculada Concepcion School)
Lee, Andrew (Xavier School)
Sorilla, Joses (Gods Grace Christian School)
Bassig, Lance Raphael (La Immaculada Concepcion School)
Grade 6
Second Honors
Panis, Angeli (Immaculate Conception Academy)
Gumilao, Thamania Keith (Pasig Catholic College)
Chua, Ethan Zachary (Xavier School))
Segismundo, Jasper John (Pasig Catholic College)
Chua, Scott Lee (Xavier School))
Lara, Jimuel UP Integrated School)
Flores, Lorenzo Jaime (Xavier School)
Third Honors
Balayan, Christian Jared (St. Mary's College, Quezon City)
Lim, Arien (Immaculate Conception Academy)
Morales, Dan Niel M. (La Salle Greenhills)
Domingo, Rani Allyna V. (UP Integrated School)
Jose, Samantha Lorraine (La Immaculada Concepcion School)


groomy said...

Hi Ms. Villame,

I am the mom of one of the merit awardees for Grade 2 from Ateneo Grade School. My son's name is DION STEPHAN (not Stephen) ONG.

Kindly correct please.

Thank you.

Rechilda P. Villame said...

Sorry for the error, Ma'am.

Camsaiii said...

The qualifiers from the Mater Carmeli Elims @ 4th grade were posted. How about the other levels?

Anonymous said...

What happens next?

I am the dad of one of your grade 3 merit awardees.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms villame,

Sorry but i'm new to this MTAP competition.

I'm a parent of one of the grade 3 merit awardees. What happens next after this?


Elizabeth Anne said...

Hi, my name is Elizabeth Anne Margulies. NOT MarguIlies. Thank you! :)

Rechilda P. Villame said...

From Camsaii..
The qualifiers from the Mater Carmeli Elims @ 4th grade were posted. How about the other levels?

There were no qualifiers posted. Only PARTIAL list of merit awardees. I hope to complete posting soon. Sorry to keep you waiting..

Rechilda P. Villame said...

Malou says, "What happens next?"

Thanks for asking. I will post the reply to your question, since I guess many would be interested

joyful said...

Dear Ms. Villame,

My son's name is Catindig, Jayson Dwight from La Immaculada Conception School. Kindly correct the name you post. Area 2 Grade 4 Second Honors: Catindig, Jarpon Dwight.

Thank you.

Sharlene said...

Miss Villame,

Good day to you!

My name is Sharlene. My son is 3rd Honors in Grade 1 (Xavier School). His correct name is TANSIONGKUN, Matthew Shawn. Would it be possible if be changed in the post? =)

Thank you so much! =)

alice said...

Hi, just want to correct my son's name. He's name is Zeidrich not Zeldrich. (Monares, Zeidrich M.) He's one of the area 2 merit awardees from grade 3 UP Integrated School.