Friday, January 28, 2011


To Coaches:
If at this time you have not received the Certification, please look for Mr. Junel or Ms. Aida of Deeco Technological Institute (near the gate of Stella Marris College) before the exam.  They will be there by 7 a.m. to distribute the Certification.

To the Contestants:
Please DO NOT write your name in the test paper.  Write only your code number.  Your paper will not be checked if you write your name


bagnaberde said...

we were there at stella maris 715 am. can't find your representative from deeco. We asked the teachers around but nobody knows them.It was chaos sa line but they just checked the master list. we were allowed to go in

maryjoycesy said...

Please reconsider not checking papers with student's name.

My son said no instructions were given at the testing site that they were not to write their name and only write the code#.

We did not see this post posted late last night. We had to sleep and wake up early to be on time. We had no time to look at the website before we went to the test site.

We hope MTAP reconsiders. Thank you.