Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update of Participants to the 2011 Math Challenge

We are NO LONGER accepting registration. If you have already sent your registration but the name of your school is not included here, please email us again.
We are sorry to inform the late registrants that in case your preferred venue can no longer accomodate you, we will assign you to another venue.
Important Reminder: The maximum number of participants per level is 7, for those who attended the Saturday MTAP Training and 4 for those who did not. Please do the eliminations in your school if you have sent more than 7 names. (This has been the rule since last year.) Thank you.

Area 1---Testing Venue: Philippine Cultural College, Manila

1 Adamson University (Elem & HS)

2 Chiang Kai Shek College (Elem & HS)

3 Colegio San Agustin, Makati (Elem & HS IA & HSB)

4 Holy Trinity Academy (Elem & HS)

5 Integrated Montessori Center (Elem only)

6 Philippine Academy of Sakya (Elem & HS)

7 Philippine Pasay Chung Hua Academy (Elem & HS)

8 Saint Jude Catholic School (Elem & HS)

9 St. Stephens High School (Elem & HS)

10 University of the East ESLS (Elem & HS)

11 Uno High School (Elem & HS)

12 St Peter the Apostle School (Elem & HS)

13 Philippine Cultural College, Main (Elem & HS)

14 Gideon Academy Inc (Elem & HS)

15 Community of Praise Integrated School S.B. Inc. (Gr 3 & 4 only)

16 Hope Christian High School (Elem & HS)

17 PUP Laboratory School (HS only)

18 St Mary's Academy, Pasay (Elem only)

Area 1---Testing Venue: St Francis of Assissi College, Taguig

1 MGC New Life Christian Academy (Elem & HS)

2 Ann Arbor Montessori (HS only)
3 Makati Hope Christian School (Elem & HS)

Area 2---Testing Venue: Dee Hwa Liong Academy, Pasig City

1 ADT Montessori School Inc. (Elem & HS)

2 Ateneo de Manila University (Elem & HS)

3 Dee Hwa Liong Academy (Elem & HS)

4 Fountain International School (Elem & HS)

5 Holy Spirirt School (Elem & HS)

6 Immaculate Conception Academy (Elem & HS1A)

7 La Salle Greenhills (Elem only)

8 Miriam College (HS only)

9 Pasig Catholic College (Elem & HS)

10 St. Paul College-Pasig (Elem & HS1A)

11 Stella Maris College (Elem & HS)

12 Twinkle Toes Academy (Elem only)

13 Universityof the Philippines Integrated School( Gr 3,4,5 &6 only)

14 Marist School (Elem & HS)

15 Xavier School (Elem & HS)

16 Sacred Heart Academy, Pasig (Elem & HS)

17 St Mary's College (Elem only)

18 La Immaculada Conception School (Elem & HS)

19 Claret School (Elem & HS)

20 Diliman Preparatory School (High School only)

21 Jose Rizal University (Elem only)

22 St Pedro Poveda College (Elem & HS)

23 Korean International School Philippines (Elem & HS)
24 Colegio del Buenconsejo (Elem only)
25 Philippine Science HS (HS only)

26 Good Shepherd Montessori School (Elem only)
Jubilee Christian Academy (HS only)

28 PACE Academy (Elem only)

Area 2---Testing Venue: Grace Christian College, QC

1 JCSGO Christian Academy (Elem only)

2 Jubilee Christian Academy (Elem only)

3 Philadelphia High School (Elem & HS)

4 Philippine Institute of Quezon City (Elem & HS)

5 Grace Christian College (Elem & HS)

6 Montessori West School (Elem only)

7 St Vincent School (Elem only)

8 St James Academy, QC (HS only)

Area 3---Testing Venue: St Francis of Assissi College, Las Pinas

Westfield Science-Oriented School (Gr1,2,3,6 & HS)

Area 3---Testing Venue: Muntinlupa Elem School

1. San Beda College Alabang (Elem)

Area 3---Testing Venue: Pedro Diaz Elem School

1. San Beda College Alabang (HS)

Area4---Testing Venue: Good Shepherd Cathedral School, Fairview QC

1 Falcon Learning Center (Elem & HS)

2 School of St. La Salle Q.C (Elem & HS1&2)

3 STI Academy of Quezon City (Elem only)

4 Blessed Scalabrini Institute (Elem only)

5 Divine Grace School (Elem & HS)

6 Sacred Heart Academy (Elem & HS)

7 T.D & E Hope Christian Academy (HS only)

8 Saint Joseph School of Fairview (HS only)

9 Little Mary Hearts Montessori Center (Elem & HS)

10 Holy Infant Montessori Center (Elem & HS)

12 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School (Elem & HS)

14 School of the Holy Spirit, QC (Elem and HS)

Area 4---Testing Center - Mater Carmeli School

1 Mater Carmeli School (Elem & HS)

2 School of Saint Anthony (Elem & HS only)

3 St. Theresas School of Novaliches (Elem & HS)

Area4---Testing Venue: Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

1 Blessed Sacrament Catholic School (Elem only)

2 Pagkabuhay Parochial School (Elem only)

3 Miraculous Lady of Peace (Elem & HS1&2)
Ina ng Buhay Catholic School (Elem & HS)
International Christian School-Novaliches (Elem & HS)
6 San Isidro Labrador Catholic School (Elem only)
Sto. Niño de Novaliches (Elem & HS)
8 St Patrick School of Novaliches(Elem & HS)
9 Marymount Child Development Center Inc (Gr 4, 5&6 only)
Colegio de San Bartolome de Novaliches (Elem & HS)

Area 4 Testing Venue-- La Consolacion College
1 Philippine Cultural College, Annex
2 UE Caloocan Campus (Elem & HS)
3 St Mary's Academy of Caloocan (Elem & HS)
4 La Consolacion College
(Elem & HS)
5 Notre Dame of Greater Manila(Elem & HS)
6 De la Salle Araneta University (HS only)

Area 4 Testing Venue-- St Louis College, Valenzuela
  1. St. Joseph School of Lawang Bato ( Elem and HS )
  2. Nuestra Señora de Guia ( Elem only )
  3. San Diego Parochial School 9 Elem only )
  4. Little Bethlehem Learning Center ( Elem only )
  5. St. Mary’s Angel College Valenzuela ( Elem only )
  6. Our Lord Vineyard ( Elem only )
  7. Bobby and Kates Academy ( Elem amd HS )
  8. Montessori Academy of Valenzuela ( Elem and HS )
  9. Colegio de Sta. Cecilia ( Elem and HS )
  10. Mesiah School Foundation ( Elem and HS )
  11. Mary Immaculate School of Valenzuela ( Elem and HS )
  12. Sto Rosario Montessori ( Elem and HS )
  13. St. Bernadette College of Valenzuela ( Elem and HS )
  14. St. Joseph Academy of Valenzuela ( Elem and HS )
  15. St. Mary’s Angel School ( HS only )
  16. Paragon Academy ( Elem only )
  17. St Louis College ( Elem and HS )
  18. Lord Jesus Christ School of Wisdom ( Elem only )
  19. Marulas Christian Academy ( Elem only )
  20. St. Michael School of Canumay ( HS only )


janice said...

Bakit sa Area 1 at sa Philippine Cultural College, Manila ang Testing Center ng Integrated Montessori Center?
We are mixed with Manila, Pasay and Makati instead of our own Division "Muntapat Parlas"

Area 1---Testing Venue: St Francis of Assissi College, Taguig

1 MGC New Life Christian Academy (Elem & HS)

Rechilda P. Villame said...

Just inform us Ma'am, your preferred venue and we will change what is posted. By the way, which branch of IMC is this?

proffsg said...

Please change the venue of the exam of Korean International School Philippines from Philippine Cultural Colleges to Dee Hwa Liong Academy.

Thank you.

Frederick Gella

lucien said...

The venue stated in the memo that we received is Hope Christian HS, now we are included in Area 1---Testing Venue: Philippine Cultural College, Manila. Is this the final venue?

Thank you!
St. Mary's Academy Pasay (GS Dept)

Rechilda P. Villame said...

We are really very sorry for this. There was a change in venue as an effect of the change in the Elimination dates. The final venues for Area 1 are Philippine Cultural College and St Francis of Assissi College, Taguig. Just inform us which is more accesible to you.

dario said...

Good Day!

I just want to know kung saan po ang venue ng mga private schools sa Malabon ? Up to this date wala po kasi kaming information mula sa Division Office.Actually nagconduct po kami ng 7 Saturday Programs for Mathematics here in our school ST.THERESE OF THE CHILD JESUS ACADEMY together with ARELLANO UNIVERSITY.

Thank you in advance for your immediate action on this matter..

Rechilda P. Villame said...

The venue of the Math Chalenge for the private schools of Malabon, Navotas & Valenzuela is St Louise College, Valenzuela. If that will be too far from your place, then you may join the public schools in your district. As to the venue in your district, please contact your DepEd Divison Supervisor, Dr Eliseo Raymundo.

janice said...

Bakit halos walang schools assigned sa Area 3? IMC used to be in Area 3 before.

Area 1 is definitely the hardest Area Finals dahil sa mga Chinese schools, kaya halos no chance of winning sa Area Finals ang ibang non-Chinese schools. Regional Finals? Chinese schools pa rin ang dominante.

Sana magkaroon ng Category na puro Chinese schools lang, like sa HS may Category A and B.

Sorry for sharing my honest observation. Ito rin ang comment ng marami actually. Salamat po.

Rechilda P. Villame said...

There are also many schools assigned in Area 3. There seems to be few that were published because we have not been furnished yet with the complete list.

We appreciate your opinion. I will bring this matter to the MTAP Board next meeting.

confirmation said...

Hi! I would like to thank you for postings the MTAP events here...i'm just wondering where we could find the link for the public schools as well? Your blog concentrated only with the Private schools. Hope you can answer me...thank you.

bagnaberde said...

clarify what are is Makati Hope Christian School?last year we were in Area 3. Is it still the same this year? When will our results be posted? thanks

Luzviminda g. Reyes said...

hello, I would like to know ,what happened to the participants of Huckleberry Friend's Learning Center ,Pasig City. We took the exam at Deeco

Nicha said...

Good day!
Ma'am, I am a teacher from a private school in Quezon City. Our school wants to register for the programs of MTAP such as the saturday classes. How are we going to register?