Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Schedule of Area Orals

Elementary: February 10, 2011
Area 1: Philippine Pasay Chung Hua
Area 2: Dee Hwa Liong Academy
Area 3: San Beda College, Alabang
Area 4: St Louis College, Valenzuela

High School: February 11, 2011
Area 1: St Stephens High School
Area 2: Fountain International School
Area 3: Southville International School and Colleges
Area 4: St Louis College, Valenzuela


Mr.Sipnayan said...

Good day..
Please inform the judges in the primary level not to take their job lightly. Please make sure that all correct/possible answers are accepted. Don't expect that grade 1 or 2 pupils will protest. They're still young for that - wag po natin silang turuang lumaban.And to the organizer please stop giving question like - which of the following does not belong 21,24, 27, 29, 33 ( regional question in grade 1 last year) - MTAP answer is 29; how about 24, the only even; how about 33, the only number whose tens digit is 3.. Good luck to every1

kathy said...

It will be great if the organizer can post the exact schedule of each grade level on Feb 12, 2011 Area Orals so the participants will not all rush to the venue at the same time. Parking can be a problem. thank you.

Rechilda P. Villame said...

The Area Orals for high school will be on Feb 11 and not Feb 12.