Friday, January 31, 2014

Area 3 High School Team Winners

Area 3 High School Team Winners

First Place: Ann Arbor Montessori
Hong, Chae Eun; Park, Harry; David, Pamela

Second Place: Westfield Science-Oriented School
Sol, Jerald Brriant G.; Sese, Stephanie Grace A.; Giron, Mary Julian F./ Sace, Johann Sebastian V.

Third Place: MGC New Life Christian School
Hwang, David; Dee, Amanda; Chua, Gabrielle Caleb

First Place: PAREF Woodrose School
Oh, Si-Eun K.; Villanueva, Isabel Jocyn R.; Lee, Hye Jin H.

Second Place: MGC New Life Christian School
Alyana Zoie Chua; Zachary Lopez; Mireya Kwong

Third Place: Southville International and Colleges
Lee, Chan Hee; Jang, Jae Hyo; Hong, Julia

First Place: MGC New Life Christian School
Wu, Farell Eldrian; Chua, Nicole Angelic; Chua, Daniel

Second Place: Southville International and Colleges
Tanno, Gen Mark; Villar, Miguel; Mun, Kwang Yeon ( Ron )

Third Place: Integrated Montessori Center
Bisnar,  Jasper Ryan; Medestomas, Rolan; Regondola, Philip

First Place: Westfield Science-Oriented School
Mabunga, Rindell G.; Isip, Jean Pierre N.

Second Place: Saint Francis of Assisi College-Admiral
Gonzaga, Ann May S.; Alba, Innah Beatrice S.

Third Place : PAREF Woodrose School

Badiola, Maria Helena A.; Adajar, Beatrice Amara E.

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