Monday, December 01, 2014

2015 Math Challenge Registration Gudelines

The content of this file is intended for NCR Private schools ONLY.

1. Coaches, please choose your contestants.  For Grades 1 to 5 and Grades 7 to 9, there should be 4 contestants; for Grade 6 and 4th year, there should only be 3.  There will be NO contest for grades 11 and 12 (this year).   

 2. This year, we will do online registration.   Please use the online registration form (posted in this site)  to  facilitate coordination. If you do not register online, there is a possibilty that your school's result will not be included in the selection for the next stage of the contest. 

3.  Make sure you use the GRADE LEVEL of the child AT THE TIME OF THE ELIMINATONS, as specified in the SCHOOL'S REPORT TO DEP ED.  We will NOT accept excuses like "renaming" or "bridging", etc. (As per requirement of the MMC Steering Committee headed by USEC Ocampo)

4. You still need to fill up the registration form (which will also be posted in this site)and have it accomplished.  It should bear the signature of your principal or school head to attest the acuracy of the data.  The original copy  of this registration form shall serve as your admission slip to the elimination round.  Without this form, your online registration will be canceled.

Please be guided accordingly.


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