Friday, January 09, 2015


Due to the implementation of the K to 12 currriculum,  some private schools have adopted "non-regular programs" such as renaming, bridging, etc.  In this regard, Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd rule is very clear, that is,  students must compete in the level they are enrolled in at the time of the eliminations.   

We would also like to emphasize that the Metrobank-MTAP-Math Challenge levels of competition are only for the following :  Grades 1 to 9 and Fourth Year.  No other levels.

To facilitate coordination, we have implemented online registration for NCR Private Schools. However, each participating school is still required  the original Registration Form (signed by the School Head) as Admission Requirement in the Eliminations Testing Center. 

We have posted the names of all the contestants at for transparency.  This early, we have been receiving feedbacks that some contestants are not in the proper level.  Because the contest dates are very soon, we do not have time to call/remind/verify each school in question.   (I honestly thiink each should be reponsible to register in the correct level.)  

Please be informed that all registered contestants will be allowed to take the eliminations in the indicated level. However,  if the level they took are found to be incorrect, they will be disqualified from joining the Area Orals and the Individual Finals.  

Please be guided accordingly.  Meanwhile, we still encourage reports regarding this matter.   

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