Friday, January 23, 2015

Tips for the Individual Finals

For the Individual Finals, please

1. Be in school uniform.
2. Bring your school ID.

Ms Gina Guerra and I will be in the vicinity of the testing rooms as early as 7:30 am to give you admission slips.  However, if you do not see any of us, just proceed to the room. I will furnish each room a copy of the Individual Finalists so the proctor can check if you are an official participant. Just relax,  we will try to find you.

1. Part 1 is 15 items, 2 pts each.  No solution required.  Solve in the scratch paper and write only the complete answer on the blank.,

2. For parts 2 & 3 , place your solutions on the space provided. Show a step by step , clean solution.  Partial points are given.  

3. Write your Code Number and Room Number in all the pages, including your scratch papers.  Do not write your name. Do not write the name of your school.

4. Write legibly.  The corrector must understand your handwriting.

Good luck!

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