Sunday, January 24, 2016

Grade 1 Merit Awardees

First Honors   
       NAME                                                                             SCHOOL                                                                       SCORE
Acosta, Claire Mitzi Y.                                         Saint Jude Catholic School                                                         30
Siaco, Kate Dominique K.                                   Saint Jude Catholic School                                                        29
Bacolod, Cassaundra Marie D.                         University of the Philippines Integrated School                 28
Co, Justine Aaron S.                                             Saint Jude Catholic School                                                         28
Cua, Shaun Jacob                                                  Xavier School                                                                                28
Cabiao, Tyrone Lemuel                                      Integrated Montessori School, Taguig                                   27
Second Honors                                                     
Co, Lucas Dominic R.                                          Saint Jude Catholic School                                                         26
Condino, Jia Ruth Lauren                                  Integrated Montessori School, Taguig                                   26
Caritan, Derrick Adriel                                       Grace Christian College                                                             25
Lomibao, Alexander Peter Benedict P.           San Beda College Alabang                                                        25
Pulido, Lea Samantha Marie D.                         School of the Holy Spirit of QC                                               25
Saclamitao, Ethan Jude A.                                  San Beda College Alabang                                                        25
Teng, Aaron Zachary                                          Makati Hope Christian School                                                  25
Uy, Myles Spencer                                               Philippine Cultural College-Manila                                         25
Arejola, Patrick Johan                                         Philippine Cultural College-Manila                                        24
Gwee, Zi En Amelia                                              MGC New Life Christian Academy                                          24
Third Honors
 Abianza, Sebastian Thomas                     School of  St Anthony QC                                              23                                                   
Bondoc, Jayleen Angelique Mariel C.     Twinkle Toes Academy, Inc.                                          23
Palomado, Beatrise Clare S.                      Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan                        23
Santiago, Gavyn Miguel L.                         Diliman Preparatory School, Mindanao Ave            23
Torres, Kyan Raine I.                                   University of the Philippines Integrated School     23
Ansaldo, Kier Denise B.                              School of the Holy Spirit of QC                                     22
Adawag, Bryle Anthony C.                         Huckleberry Friends' Learning Center                      22
Coo, Kaira Guyneth                                      Grace Christian College                                                  22
Dela Cruz, Arielle Francene E.                  Diliman Preparatory School Commonwealth Campus   22
De Jesus, Annika Lee L.                               Julibee Christian Academy                                            22
Hertos, John Robert                                     Dee Hwa Liong Academy                                               22
Ng, Wynshanelle C.                                      Grace Christian College                                                  22
Ngo, Ethan                                                      Hope Christian High School                                          22
So, Sheryn Chelsea                                       Grace Christian College                                                  22
Tapuro, Ian Miguel                                       Elizabeth Seton School                                                   22
Abdao, Ojiren Riel L.                                    Integrated Montessori School, Taguig                       22
Lao, Sebastian Alistair                                MGC New Lifee Christian Academy                             22
Dawis, Erin Jan R.                                          Espiritu Santo PArochial School                                   22
Son,  Nigel K.                                                   Hope Christian High School                                        22 
Ang, Leon Matthew L.                                 Diliman Preparatory School Commonwealth Campus    21
Cai, John Kendrick                                       Philippine Cultural College-Manila                             21
Casimiro, Gian Nicolas                               De La Salle Santiago Zobel School                               21

Magleo, Francis Gabriel                             Falcon School                                                                    21
Mariano, Rozlynd Therese C.                   Maria Ferrari School                                                        21
Santos, Jilliane Ysabel G.                            St. Paul College Pasig                                                       21
Sumogba, Heidrique  Kristof                    Falcon School                                                                    21
Trinidad, Claire Ashley B.                         St. Louis College - Maysan                                              21
Tuggay, Noah Martin S.                              Notre Dame of Greater Manila                                      21
Yao-Bate, Sabino                                          Xavier School                                                                     21
Reyes, Mikko R.                                            Maria Montessori Holy Christian School, Inc.          21


1. The Merit Awardees shall receive Certificates of Merit to be awarded during the Area Finals on February 4, 2016.

2. The Individual Finals will be on January 30, 2016 to be held in San Francisco High School.

3. The Individual Finalists will be taken from the merit awardees.  However, it does not mean that if you are a merit awardee, you automatically becomes an individual finalist.  It depends upon the cut off  score.  Right now, it has not been decided yet because some results are not yet in.  Normally, the top 20 per level goes to the Individual round.  

4. The Individual Round is a  written test  for 1 1/2 hours.  Part 1 ... short answer type, 15 items , 2 points each; Part 2 ...with solutions, 5 items , 3 points each; Part 3 ...with solutions, 5 items , 5 points each

5. The top 10 scorers  of all the Grade 1 individual finalists from the private schools will be chosen.  They will be declared the Top 10 Sectoral winners of Grade 1 in NCR Private.

6. The top 10 scorers  per level of all the Grade 1  individual finalists from both public and private schools will be chosen.  They will be the Top 10 Regional winners of Grade 1 in NCR.


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