Sunday, January 24, 2016

Grade 2 Merit Awardees

Grade 2

First Honors
Wong, Jayce Preston S.                               Saint Jude Catholic School                                               30
Te, Jerome Austin N.                                    Jubilee Christian Academy                                              28
Yu, Clare Bernice D.                                      Saint Jude Catholic School                                              27

Second Honors
Chua, Kolby Carter N.                                  Saint Jude Catholic School                                               26
Saludo, Kristner Sheyn S                             San Beda College Alabang                                              26
Lim, Andrew                                                   Chiang Kai Shek College                                                  26
Go, Xavier                                                        Philippine Cultural College, Manila                             25
Ababon, Iris Lexi Q.                                      Colegio San Agustin - Makati                                         25
Cabilangan, Magnus Alexander E.             Jubilee Christian Academy                                            25
Dela Paz, Justin Martini E.                           University of the Philippines Integrated School     25
Lao, Gabrielle Denise D.                               Saint Jude Catholic School                                             25
Sasing, Matthew T.                                        University of the Philippines Integrated School      25
Suguitan, Loviña Mia L.                               University of the Philippines Integrated School      25
Cervantes, Jose Javier O. VI                       PAREF Southridge School for Boys                               24
Dorango, Paul John P.                                  Twinkle Toes Academy, Inc.                                            24
Gan, Hannah Chloe                                      Jubilee Christian Academy                                               24
Hong, Ian Gabriel T.                                      PACE Academy                                                                   24
Sario, Joshua Gabriel T.                               St. Louis College - Maysan                                               24
Third Honors                                                            
Sacramento, Lucass Miguel Y.                   Diliman Preparatory School Commonwealth Campus  23
Ilano, Gael Azure                                           De La Salle Santiago Zobel School                               23

Miguel, Justin Jay                                          Falcon School                                                                    23
Yu, Roxburgh C.                                            Makati Hope Christian School                                        23
Co, Sophie Jill D.                                             PACE Academy                                                                   23
Gan, Kashieu Gabrielle L.                            P ACE Academy                                                                 23
Manzano, Jan Azriel R.                                Twinkle Toes Academy, Inc.                                            23
Cai, Vaness Zyan                                           Philippine Cultural College-Manila                               23
Angeles, Sean                                                  Xavier School                                                                      23
Reclosado, Raphaela D.                               Colegio San Agustin - Makati                                          22
Dy, Gregory Daniel T.                                  Jubilee Christian Academy                                                22
Peralta, Princess Angela R.                         La  Immaculada Concepcion School                             22
Chua, Kailey                                                    MGC New Life Christian Academy                                 22
Salazar, Samantha Bianca V.                       PAREF-Woodrose School for Girls                                 22
Arcalas, Frances Debborah                        Pasig Catholic College                                                        22
Abrigo, Lance Daniel                                    Pasig Catholic College                                                        22
Sy, Michel Shana L.                                       Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan                            22
Go, Angeline Anne                                        Philippine Cultural College-Manila                                22
Caoili, Michael Gabriel                                School of St Anthony                                                           21   
Dimal, Jasmine E.                                          Philippine Pasay Chung Hua Academy                          21
Morata, Gian Hendrich Lloyd P.               Holy Rosary Academy of Las Piñas City                         21
Hao, Steven Matthew L.                              Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan                            21

Lofania, Rhensis Benedict                          Jean Baptiste Of Reims College                                        21
Luistro, Lance Paul                                      Diliman Preparatory School Mindanao Ave Campus  21
Sy, Jacen Jerard                                              St. Stephen's High School                                                    21
Tan, Selene Keisha Andriel C.                     School of the Holy Spirit of QC                                        21

Tan, Sofia Mikaela L.                                     University of the Philippines Integrated School        21


  1. The Merit Awardees shall receive Certificates of Merit to be awarded during the Area Finals on February 4, 2016.
  2. The Individual Finals will be on January 30, 2016 to be held in San Francisco High School, QC (near SM North).
  3. The Individual Finalists will be taken from the merit awardees.  However, it does not mean that if you are a merit awardee, you automatically becomes an individual finalist.  It depends upon the cut off  score.  Right now, it has not been decided yet because some results are not yet in.  Normally, the top 20 per level goes to the Individual round.  
  4. The Individual Round is a  written test  for 1 1/2 hours.  Part 1 ... short answer type, 15 items , 2 points each; Part 2 ...with solutions, 5 items , 3 points each; Part 3 ...with solutions, 5 items , 5 points each
  5. The top 10 scorers  of all the Grade 2 individual finalists from the private schools will be chosen.  They will be declared the Top 10 Sectoral winners of Grade 2 in NCR Private.
  6. The top 10 scorers  per level of all the Grade 2  individual finalists from both public and private schools will be chosen.  They will be the Top 10 Regional winners of Grade 2 in NCR.

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