Sunday, January 24, 2016

Grade 5 Merit Awardees

Grade 5

First Honors
Teh, Kristen Steffi                                         Grace Christian College                                                49
Wu, Filbert                                                     MGC New Life Christian Academy                             46
Lim, Reginald                                                 Grace Christian College                                                45
Chua, Kian Colin N.                                       Saint Jude Catholic School                                           45
Dalida, Raphael Dylan T.                              St. Mary's Academy                                                      45
Tan-Gatue, Chiara Bernadette                     Saint Jude Catholic School                                    45

Second Honors
Jao, Ethan Cedric O.                                      Saint Jude Catholic School                                            44
Tan, Rickson                                                  MGC New Life Christian Academy                              42
Ubanos, Filbert Joseph A.                           Elizabeth Seton School                                                  42
Jimenez, Gianna                                             San Beda College Alabang                                            40
Lim, Manuelle Christian C.                          Notre Dame of Greater Manila                                   40
Tan, Sean Matthew G.                               Jubilee Christian Academy                                            40
Talabucon, Phoemela Ashley Mari O.    UPIS                                                                                  41

Third Honors
Calubaquib, Kiersten Gene M.                   Colegio San Agustin - Makati                                       39
Fang, Johnny Yzekiel T.                               Saint Jude Catholic School                                            39
Fernando, Sidney Lance C.                         Elizabeth Seton School                                                  39
Ronda, Jabez Mari G.                                   Notre Dame of Greater Manila                                   39
Salazar, Elijah Max M.                                   St. Paul College of Parañaque                                       39
Torralba, Jeremie Keon T.                       Ateneo de Manila University                                       39
Gan, Kyle Elijah C.                                      Jubilee Christian Academy                                           38
Bunyi, Christian Joseph                              San Beda College Alabang                                             37
Cokai, Lance Jacob O.                                   Xavier School                                                                   37
Kiak, Chelsie Joie                                           St. Stephen's High School                                              37
King, Anika                                                     Grace Christian College                                                 37
Cruz, Leinard                                                 Maria Montessori Holy Christian School                 37
Cua, Hans Kenneth                                       Philippine Cultural College-Caloocan                         36
Cuadro, Jonathan                                          Integrated Montessori Center, Taguig                      36
Danque, Johan Samuel R.                         University of the Philippines Integrated School (UPIS)    36
Naorbe, Neil                                                    San Beda College Alabang                                             36
Olpindo, Juan Anton                                    Pasig Catholic College                                                     36
Relato, James Rafael G.                                La Immaculada Concepcion School                           36
Sioco, Shannon Kimberly L.                    Jubilee Christian Academy                                           36
Tan, Joshua Andrei                                       St. Stephen's High School                                              36
Ang, Kathryn Riley                                       MGC New Life Christian Academy                            35
Barandino, Zachary                                     Grace Christian College                                                 35
De Jesus, Lance Chrysler V.                       Escuela de Sophia of Caloocan, Inc.                           35

Zapanta, Juliana S.                                         St. Scholastica's Academy                                            35


1. The Merit Awardees shall receive Certificates of Merit to be awarded during the Area Finals on February 4, 2016.

2. The list above is a partial result as we have not yet received the results of QC District 5.  

3. The Individual Finals will be on January 30, 2016 to be held in San Francisco High School, QC (near SM North).

4. The Individual Finalists will be taken from the merit awardees.  However, it does not mean that if you are a merit awardee, you automatically becomes an individual finalist.  It depends upon the cut off  score.  Right now, it has not been decided yet because some results are not yet in.  Normally, the top 20 per level goes to the Individual round.  

5. The Individual Round is a  written test  for 1 1/2 hours.  Part 1 ... short answer type, 15 items , 2 points each; Part 2 ...with solutions, 5 items , 3 points each; Part 3 ...with solutions, 5 items , 5 points each

6. The top 10 scorers  of all the Grade 5 individual finalists from the private schools will be chosen.  They will be declared the Top 10 Sectoral winners of Grade 5 in NCR Private.

7. The top 10 scorers  per level of all the Grade 5  individual finalists from both public and private schools will be chosen.  They will be the Top 10 Regional winners of Grade 5 in NCR.

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