Tuesday, January 26, 2016

High School Category B Merit Awardees and Individual Finalists

Please take note that all High School Category B Merit Awardees are also Individual Finalists.

The Individual Finals will be held in San Francisco High School on January 30, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. Please wear your school uniform and bring your school ID.

Grade 7                                                                                                                        
First Honors
Reyes, Steven T.                         Saint Jude Catholic School                 47
Balete, Immanuel Josiah A.    St. Stephen's High School                  46
Sanchez, Bryce Ainsley           Grace Christian College                      45

Second Honors
Gan, Jessica Loraine N.            Saint Jude Catholic School                44
Manlises, Maria Monica          St. Stephen's High School                 43

Bagsic, Albriz Moore C.           Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      42
Ko, Daryll Carlsten L.               St. Stephen's High School                 42
Ng, Genrish Wendell N.            Saint Jude Catholic School               42

Pantaleon, Erika Emmanuelle S. Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      42
So, Shane Franklin                     Grace Christian College                    40
Tansiongkun, Matthew Shawn K.       Xavier School                          40
Tiong, Gregory Charles K.          Saint Jude Catholic School             40

Third Honors
Sia, Trisha Danielle                  Chiang Kai Shek College                      38
Abanes, John Ramel Y.             La Immaculada Concepcion School     37
Cheng, Sted Micah                    Hope Christian High School                   37
Marcos, Hiraya                           Philippine Cultural College-Manila     37
Abad, Jose Lorenzo P.               Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      37
Capito, Patricia Faith E.            Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      36

Grade 8                                                                                                                        
First Honors
Ong, Dion Stephan J.                 Ateneo de Manila Junior High School     48
Ong, Stefan Marcus A.              Saint Jude Catholic School                47
Montañez, Marjana Ysabella O.   Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      46

Marquez, John Henry T.                   Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      45
Sy, Ryan Jericho L.                     Chiang Kai Shek College                    45

Second Honors
Roque, Karl Raymond D.              Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      41

Orfiano, Zachary Claude N.         Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      40
Cheng, Jhervey Edric R.            Chiang Kai Shek College                   40

Third Honors
Parra, Ma. Leibniz Charisse D.    St. Paul College, Pasig                    39
Garcia, Ian Karl M.                          Fountain International School    36

Grade 9
First Honors
So, Sean Marcus                           Grace Christian College                      49
Chong, Jinger S.                             Saint Jude Catholic School                48
Cruz, Jan Joshua P.                        Pasig Catholic College                        48

Liao, Shamira Sharlyne T.           St. Stephen's High School                 47
Pua, Gabriel Joseph T.                  St. Stephen's High School                 46
Melchor, Jan Reynald M.             San Beda College Alabang                45
Second Honors
Gelera, Christian Philip L.           Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      44
Branzuela, Jeremy Brian L.          Saint Jude Catholic School              42
Amalla, Bon Leif D.                         Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      42
Guevara, Alyssa                              Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      42
Locsin, Jose Ignacio A.                      Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      42
Third Honors
Ko, Lance Adrian T.                       St. Stephen's High School                 39
Shao, Ryan Mark L.                        Xavier School                                      39
Ong, Joyce Heidi                             Chiang Kai Shek College                  36
Bernardo, Curt Jeremy                 Saint Jude Catholic School              35
Mallari, Christina Beatrice C.     St. Paul College, Pasig                       35
Silva, Ralph Laurence                   La Immaculada Concepcion School      35

Grade 10
First Honors
Isidro, Matthew Angelo C.           Saint Jude Catholic School               49
Que, Shaqille Wyan T.                   Grace Christian College                     48
Ong, Tiffany Mae                            Immaculate Conception Academy Greenhills       46
Tolentino, Josei S.                           Uno High School                                  46
Dulay, Kyle Patrick F.                     Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      46
Ildesa, Miguel Lorenzo L.            Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      46

Claveria, Elijamin Wolfgang L.   Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      45
Wang, Steven John H.                    Uno High School                                  45

Second Honors
Chan, Adam                                     Grace Christian College                     44

Lim, Jarrett Ian                               Philippine Academy of Sakya          43
Amalla, Bon Leif D.                       Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      42
Guevara, Alyssa                             Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      42
Locsin, Jose Ignacio A.                 Philippine Science High School-Main Campus      42
Li, Xuanye                                        Xavier School                                        42
Huang, Trisha                                Chiang Kai Shek College                     41
Hingan, John Aries Ceazar T.     San Beda College Alabang                  40

Third Honors
Lim, Justin                                        Xavier School                                         39
Abigan, Hans S.                               Saint Jude Catholic School                 37

Chua, Janelle                                    Philippine Cultural College-Manila   36

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