Sunday, January 10, 2016

Reminders for the Math Challenge

Please take note of the following
1. The complete list of venues have been posted.   Please find out early on where your testing venue is.      Only Manila, Makati and Caloocan will use private school venues.  All other divisions will join the public schools. (Quezon City schools, much as we want to assist you in identifying your districts, we are too loaded now, so please find them yourselves.) 
2. The list of online participants have been posted below, per division. We have also forwarded the same list to the respective  Dep Ed Division Supervisors as well as the persons in charge of the testing centers.
3. Contestants must be in school uniform with ID.  They must also bring ballpen and/or pencil and extra clean sheets of paper in case scratch papers will not be provided. 
3. Bring a copy of the registration form (Form 1).  In case you do not have one yet, we will upload a copy so you can download.  Make sure you bring the original copy with the signature of your school head.
4.  Go to the venue early enough.  The crowd might be too big and it might take time to find your classrooms.  The test is supposed to start at 8 a.m.  
5. Please take note of the mechanics of the elimination rounds attached below.

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