Sunday, October 02, 2016

Reminders to the Participants of the MTAP Dep Ed NCR Seminar-Worskhop for High School Teachers

Please be informed that online registration WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED starting October 3 , 10:00 p.m.
Also, please be reminded of the following: 
1) Even if you have paid the registration fee in the bank, if you DID NOT REGISTER ONLINE, you are considered NOT officially registered. Meaning, your name will not be included in the official list. (This causes a lot of problems to the organizers. A lot of participants come to us with the deposit slip and claim they registered online because they have emailed the deposit slip. I hope high school teachers understand ONLINE registration.)
2) The official list is the basis of the room assignments. Normally, the private school teachers are grouped together in the last room of the particular level.
3) When you register online, make sure you follow the instructions. (Example, when filling up the name box you are required to write "family name, first name, middle initial." Some would write " first name then family name". Others would write Mr. Juan de la Cruz or Mrs. Maria de la Cruz. So, when we sort (for the room assignments) according to family names, they are misplaced. I guess you know the consequences - another chaotic situation.)
4) Please submit the ORIGINAL deposit slip in order to claim your Certificate of Participation, membership ID and receipt of registration. Photocopies will NOT be accepted.
5) On Sunday afternoon, I will distribute the Certificate of Participation, membership ID and receipt of registration ONLY to those who registered ONLINE and have submitted the ORIGINAL deposit slip. The others (those who did not register online) will have to claim from their respective Dep Ed Math supervisors.
6) Distribution will be by school. Only one teacher from your school should get the certificates, etc.. (I hope I will be allowed to distribute during lunch break so we can all go home by 4 pm.)
7) Names of the online registrants will be posted here by Wednesday. Please check the list if your name is included.
Please be guided accordingly.

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