Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Mechanics of the MMC Elimination Round

1. Contestants in a testing room must be of the same grade/year level. Students from the same school must not sit beside each other nor one behind the other.
2. Contestants are NOT allowed to bring cellphone, ipad, ipod, camera, calculator, laptop computer and other gadgets inside the testing room.  
3. The proctor shall distribute first the scratch papers where the contestants shall solve the problems. Contestants write their names in all the scratch papers.  
4. Before distributing the test papers, the proctor should tell the contestants that they should write only their name and school on the test paper. No one should begin answering the questions unless the proctor gives the signal to do so.
5. The proctor tells the contestants that only the final answers must be written on the test paper. All solutions shall be placed on the scratch papers which should also be turned over to the proctors together with the test paper.
6. The proctor informs the contestants of the time limit for the test. He gives the signal for the contestants to begin. Then, he writes on the board “Time Started: ____” and “Time Ends: ____”  
7. Proctor gives 15 minutes and 5 minutes warning before the time is up. All test and scratch papers should be collected when the time is up.  
8. The proctor shall give all papers (answered test papers, scratch papers, extra copies of questions) to the person in-charge of assigning the checkers. 
9. If any student submits the paper before the time, the proctor shall accept it and ask the student to leave the classroom. The proctor shall collect ALL papers when the time is up and will not allow any extension.

Grade/Year Level Time Allotment
Grades I and II 60 minutes
Grades III and IV 80 minutes
Grades V and VI 100 minutes
Grade 7 to 4th year 2 hours

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